Hi, I’m Salvatore 馃憢

I am a Design Leader with an extensive experience in managing design teams and building products at scale. I specialise in identifying and resolving gaps in solutions, infusing strategic vision and innovation into projects.

My approach combines hands-on, data-driven strategies with a focus on impactful, user-centered designs. This methodical approach underpins my commitment to delivering effective, user-centric design solutions. I excel in crafting long-term strategies and managing expectations with clarity and precision.

Central to my leadership is building diverse teams that thrive in creative, collaborative environments. My structured design process guarantees projects surpass strategic goals and user requirements.

Core Skills:

Design Management    Design Strategy    Team Leadership    Data-Driven Decision Making    Strategic thinking   Proactive Leadership    User-Centred Design    Product Vision    Project Management    Product Management    Team Development    Product Design    User Research    Informational architecture    Strategic negotiations    Design Operations    Public Speaking

My Mission

My mission is a testament to my dedication to excel not just in Product Design, but also in fostering positive business impacts through innovative approaches and people-centric strategies. Guided by a clear and purposeful vision, I pursue three objectives:

Build Sustainable and Successful Design Practice

I am dedicated to establishing a design practice that balances creativity with sustainability, ensuring long-term success.

Drive Innovation and Increase Work Efficiency

By embracing innovation, I seek to enhance efficiency in design processes, making them more effective and streamlined.

Support Business Goals Through Fine-Tuned Design Strategy

Align design strategies with business goals to ensure that every design decision contributes to the broader objectives of the organisation.

My values

Ethic Values

Using Design to Make People鈥檚 Lives Better

My philosophy is centered on leveraging design as a tool to enhance everyday life. By focusing on user-centric solutions, I aim to create designs that are not just visually appealing but also improve functionality and accessibility.

Driving Innovation to Bring Positive Impact to the World

Innovation is at the heart of my work. I am committed to exploring new ideas and technologies to create solutions that are not only cutting-edge but also have a meaningful impact on society and the environment.

Relational Values

People Over Numbers

I believe in putting people at the center of everything I do. This means prioritising user needs and experiences over mere metrics or statistics.

Collaboration Over Competition

I advocate for a collaborative approach, fostering a culture where ideas are shared freely and teamwork is valued above individual competition.

Talking Over Sending Emails

I prefer direct, personal communication to build stronger, more meaningful relationships, and foster trust across the team.

Success Values

Business Success

Achieving strategic business objectives through thoughtful design is a key goal. This involves aligning design initiatives with business strategies to drive growth and success.

People Success

The growth and satisfaction of the team are paramount. I focus on creating an environment that promotes learning, development, and well-being.

Design Success

My aim is to produce solutions that resonate with users and stand the test of time, reflecting both aesthetic excellence and functional utility.

Leadership Style

As a design leader, I craft long-term visions and strategies for digital products, driven by a deep passion for design and innovation. I lead my teams to achieve tangible results, guided by key performance metrics to enhance user experiences. Building diverse and skilled teams is a cornerstone of my approach, creating a dynamic environment where creativity and collaboration thrive.

I advocate for structured processes and effective communication, ensuring seamless team collaboration and the successful implementation of design projects, always with a focus on leveraging each team member’s unique strengths and perspectives.

Pillars of My Leadership Style

creative ideas


As a leader, I believe in empowering my team members to take ownership of their work and make meaningful contributions. I foster a collaborative and supportive environment where everyone’s ideas are valued and respected. By providing autonomy and trust, I encourage creativity and innovation, enabling my team to excel in their roles.

effective communication

Clear Communication

Effective communication is at the core of my leadership style. I prioritise transparent and open dialogue, ensuring that goals, expectations, and feedback are conveyed clearly. I actively listen to my team’s concerns and ideas, promoting a culture of open communication where everyone feels heard and understood.

ux evolution

Growth and Development

I am committed to nurturing the growth and development of my team members. I recognise their unique strengths and areas for improvement, and I provide opportunities for skill-building and professional advancement. By investing in their growth, I cultivate a motivated and engaged team that continuously enhances their abilities.

design leadership

Lead by Example

Leading by example is essential to me. I strive to be a role model for my team, embodying the values and principles I expect from them. I am proactive, adaptable, and always ready to tackle challenges head-on. By setting a positive and inspiring example, I motivate my team to achieve their best and foster a culture of excellence.

Design Process

At the core of my design process is a proactive approach to identifying and addressing gaps in products and organisations. Through comprehensive research, I aim to deliver informed, data-driven solutions that align with strategic goals. Key to this process is effective prioritisation. By closely collaborating with stakeholders, I understand their needs and strategically prioritise challenges.

My commitment to clear communication and precise expectation management helps establish priorities that are strategically significant, ensuring the delivery of timely and high-quality results. This approach sets the foundation for a design process that is both efficient and impactful.

My Design Process

During the Discovery Phase, the team delves deep into understanding the project requirements and the target audience. We conduct extensive research to identify user needs, pain points, and preferences. Collaborating with stakeholders and cross-functional teams, we gather valuable insights and align on project goals and success metrics.

The Ideation Phase is all about creativity and conceptualisation. We brainstorm innovative ideas and solutions to address the identified user needs. Creating user personas and journey maps helps us gain a comprehensive understanding of user behavior. We also develop prototypes to visualise and validate our concepts before moving forward.

In the Validation Phase, we put our designs to the test. We conduct user testing sessions and gather feedback to understand how well our solutions resonate with the target audience. Based on user insights, we iterate and refine the designs to ensure they meet user expectations. We also validate design decisions with stakeholders to ensure alignment.

The Design Development Phase involves translating our concepts into detailed wireframes and mockups. We collaborate closely with development teams to assess feasibility and address any technical constraints. Ensuring consistency, we incorporate branding elements and establish the visual aesthetics that align with the project’s identity.

In the Implementation Phase, our designs come to life. We work closely with developers to ensure a smooth transition from design to development. We conduct quality assurance and usability testing to identify and resolve any issues before launch. Throughout this phase, we maintain open communication with the development team to ensure a seamless execution.

As the product is launched, we closely monitor user feedback and performance metrics. We evaluate the product’s success against the defined KPIs and key performance indicators (KPIs). This evaluation helps us gauge the product’s impact and identify areas for further improvement.

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond the launch. We provide ongoing support to address any design-related issues that may arise. Gathering user feedback and analysing usage data, we continuously seek opportunities for enhancement. We ensure the Design System remains up to date and scalable to accommodate future growth and developments.


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